How to Get a Marriage License in Maryland

You must apply for a wedding license in the clerk office of the county in the state of Maryland where you are going to get married. In some counties, these offices, located in their circuit or probate courthouse, are also known as Marriage License Bureaus’. In order to get a valid marriage license you will have to fulfill certain requirements so that you can use it anywhere in the state.

Things required for getting a marriage license

You will have to deposit fee for getting this license which may vary in different counties of Maryland. You can pay it in cash or through money order or credit card.

You need not prove your residency in the county of Maryland to get a valid marriage license that can be used state-wide.

There is a mandatory waiting period of 2 days to get this license issued. But the day of filing the application, federal holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are not included in this period, in some states.

You will have to submit the proof of your age as you must be 18 years or more old if you are marrying without parental consent. If any of the partners is under 18 years of age then his/her parents must be present there.

But after getting the marriage license you need not wait for your wedding. You can get married immediately after the issuance of this license in Maryland. The expiry period for a wedding license is 6 months from its issuing date. It cannot be used to get married if it expires once. Your expired license will not be recognized valid by the person in charge of your marriage as well as the state government for this purpose. So you will have to repeat the entire process to get a fresh marriage license in Maryland. It is always better to get married before the license expires. In our next post you’ll meet our favorite wedding photographer Baltimore!

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