What is Expungement in Maryland?

A criminal record has the possibility of creating downstream consequences, whether the person was convicted or arrested. For instance, landlords and employers usually ask apartment seekers and job applicants if they have ever been convicted of a crime. There’s always the risk that an employer may not choose to hire– or in some cases a landlord may not rent to– when a person answers this question with a “yes.” Fortunately, there are some instances where it’s possible to expunge a criminal offense in one’s record.

What Is Expungement?
Expungement in Maryland is the procedure of sealing conviction and arrest records. In every state, there’s a law that permits people to expunge conviction and arrests from their records. Likewise, even though the details may differ from one state to another, most state laws imply that once a conviction or arrest has been made, it cannot be disclosed– this includes potential landlords and employers.

For instance, if you were convicted of theft and had the conviction expunged, then you can honestly answer with a “no” next time your employer or landlord asks you that question.

The Importance of Maryland Record Expungement
No doubt, a clean criminal record could make a huge difference in whether you’re going to get the job or the loan to buy a car or house, and other important areas in your life that you haven’t been considered yet. You shouldn’t let one mistake haunt you for the rest of your life, and stop you from getting the opportunities you deserve. Aside from that, here are the other reasons why you should consider getting an expungement in MD:

– Getting a Job
Whenever you have to feel a job application form, there’s always this section that asks if you have ever been convicted of a crime or not. For those with a criminal record, this definitely puts them in an awkward situation. They could either be honest and tell the truth, or lie with the risk of getting another violation once again. Through expungement, you can easily answer with a “no” to that question.

– Getting a Loan
In some criminal agencies, they consider a criminal record as an indication that a person would be irresponsible in complying with their financial obligations. That means, those with a criminal record are automatically facing prohibitive interest rates, or worst case scenario, they might not even get the loan at all. That means it’ll be more difficult to buy a home, car, or pay for an education.

– Peace of Mind
There’s a number of reasons why getting an expungement can help you, and the most important thing why you should consider getting one is the peace of mind you’re going to enjoy. Having a criminal record– no matter how petty the crime is, would give you the feeling that you’re not fully free at all. On the other hand, by clearing that up, you’re going to have a clean slate once again and feel like a contributing member of the society with nothing to hide. You know you’re entitled to a number of privileges a citizen must have, and you can easily insist on that when someone tries to take it away from you.

How to Get a Marriage License in Maryland

You must apply for a wedding license in the clerk office of the county in the state of Maryland where you are going to get married. In some counties, these offices, located in their circuit or probate courthouse, are also known as Marriage License Bureaus’. In order to get a valid marriage license you will have to fulfill certain requirements so that you can use it anywhere in the state.

Things required for getting a marriage license

You will have to deposit fee for getting this license which may vary in different counties of Maryland. You can pay it in cash or through money order or credit card.

You need not prove your residency in the county of Maryland to get a valid marriage license that can be used state-wide.

There is a mandatory waiting period of 2 days to get this license issued. But the day of filing the application, federal holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are not included in this period, in some states.

You will have to submit the proof of your age as you must be 18 years or more old if you are marrying without parental consent. If any of the partners is under 18 years of age then his/her parents must be present there.

But after getting the marriage license you need not wait for your wedding. You can get married immediately after the issuance of this license in Maryland. The expiry period for a wedding license is 6 months from its issuing date. It cannot be used to get married if it expires once. Your expired license will not be recognized valid by the person in charge of your marriage as well as the state government for this purpose. So you will have to repeat the entire process to get a fresh marriage license in Maryland. It is always better to get married before the license expires.